Weepcraft vs. Nodus : Which one is better?

Weepcraft and Nodus have both been used excessively by many Minecraft players, including myself. They both offer over 100 hacks in their in-game menu for us to use. But which hacked client is better than the other? I guess you will have to continue reading to find out!

Weepcraft and Nodus have both been out for a very long time. Weepcraft was created by a man named Flycoder, he owned a website for a very long time called flycoder.net, but I just recently discovered it has been removed from the internet, and the domain was parked by Godaddy. Nodus was created by SKETCH shitcat5. He owns a website called scetch.net, but while viewing the website, it looks like he no longer wants to carry on the project of Nodus. These clients have grown into something i’m quite scared of, and MOJANG seems to not care that the Minecraft community uses them on a daily basis.¬†Weepcraft contains over 120 mods and hacks for the users to use, it also contains a number of VIP mods for donators to use as well. Nodus contains just about the same number of mods and hacks, and they are all the same type as Weepcraft.

When comparing Nodus with Weepcraft, I came to the conclusion that neither are better than the other, it is really a matter of preference. I enjoy using Weepcraft more because that is the hacked client I started out using. However, I have many friends that prefer Nodus over Weepcraft in a heartbeat. The client type is preference, you may choose. Download links are at the bottom. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Click Here to Download Weepcraft For Minecraft 1.5.2 & 1.6
Click Here to Download Nodus for Minecraft 1.5.2 & 1.6

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